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Lawrence Farmers’ Market

Saturday Market 2018 Season

April 14th – August 25th, 7am-11am

September 1st – November 17th, 8am-12pm

824 New Hampshire St.

Tuesday Market 2018 Season

May 8th – October 23rd, 4pm-6pm

725 Vermont St.

Parking Garage by Lawrence Public Library

Number of Vendors
Pounds of Food Donated to Just Food in 2016
Years of Serving Lawrence

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Welcome Back | Homestead Ranch

Courtney and Denise Skeeba have been vendors at LFM since 2001. Homestead Ranch's goal is to create a sustainable way of life with minimal impact on the environment. Their small family farm has a herd of Lamancha goats which supply the milk for their handmade skincare products - including liquid & bar soaps, hand cream, and shaving kits to name a few. They also offer fresh produce and pork products throughout the season. You will find them in a double stall near the Market Info booth in the east lot.

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Welcome Back | DoGood Farm

Jaimie and Jeff Needham own a small 3 acre farm south of Lawrence with their two boys who are very active in all aspects of their farm. They will be starting their second season at LFM as floating vendors - meaning you may find them in east or west lot on any given Saturday. They sell free-range chicken eggs, flowers, and produce. Their specialty is their rainbow eggs (white, light brown, dark brown, blue, speckled and they are introducing green to their collection this season!) Jaimie loves to share photos of their chickens and garden on their @dogoodfarmks instagram account - so go give them a follow!

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