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Lawrence Farmers’ Market

Saturday Market 2018 Season

April 14th – August 25th, 7am-11am

September 1st – November 17th, 8am-12pm

824 New Hampshire St.

Tuesday Market 2018 Season

May 8th – October 23rd, 4pm-6pm

725 Vermont St.

Parking Garage by Lawrence Public Library

Number of Vendors
Pounds of Food Donated to Just Food in 2016
Years of Serving Lawrence

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Welcome Back | True Vine Ranch

True Vine Ranch of Bonner Springs is the family farm of Doug and Tonya Wiley. True Vine Ranch offers four sizes of blueberry bushes for sale ranging from small to mature plants. The varieties offered include the Northern Highbush blueberry varieties Duke, Bluecrop, and Elliott, as well as the Liberty, Reka, and Legacy blueberry varieties. Their goal is to help homeowners grow large productive blueberry bushes at home, with detailed growing instructions provided at the time of purchase. You'll find them in the west lot in front of the New Hampshire St. entrance.

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Welcome Back | Anthony's Beehive

Anthony's table is one of the most popular stops with our younger customers, two words...honey straws! Anthony's Beehive was founded in 1999 after Anthony watched a video with his 3rd grade class that ignited within him a passion for honey bees. After stalling a year, his family gave in to Anthony's request and purchased two beehives. Today, Anthony has around 100 hives! Anthony and his family have been selling honey and beeswax infused products such as lip balm and lotions at LFM for 15 years! You will find them in the east lot.

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Just 5 WEEKS away from our opening Saturday! Who are you getting excited to see at the #LawrenceFarmersMarket? ...

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