There are no jobs available with the Lawrence Farmers’ Market.

Please check below for opportunities with our vendors:

Pendleton’s Country Market

Pendleton’s Country Market is looking to hire several part-time employees for the 2021 season. We’re starting immediately with another great growing season. If you are looking for summer-time employment, we require summer employees to work at least some hours during April and May (our busiest time of year). We are also looking to fill an additional 1 – 2 full time positions for the months of April – May.
We are looking for field, greenhouse, market, and sales help. Main duties will include planting, harvesting, transplanting, weeding, and customer service. During April and May, sorting asparagus is much of the job, and can be done outside of regular business hours. During April and May we do have hours for younger employees to work after school or weekends.
This is not your grandmother’s vegetable garden – this is work, on a production vegetable and cut flower farm. This job requires physical labor in all weather conditions. You will get a farmer’s tan, your clothes will get dirty, and your body will know you put in a full day’s work.
An ideal candidate possesses the following:
-An interest in vegetable and/or flower farming, or horticulture.
-Strong work ethic, self-motivated, and the ability to work independently.
-A quick learner who pays attention to detail.
-Ability to lift 30 pounds repeatedly, as well as perform other physical tasks such as bending, kneeling, etc.
To apply, send a short resume and cover letter, to
Use the subject line, “2021 PCM EMPLOYMENT”.
We will acknowledge when we receive your application.
After we review your application, we may schedule a brief phone interview (15-20 minutes). We may then schedule a trial work session (one half-day) on our farm. The trial work session is an opportunity for us to evaluate each other while doing real work. It is the most important way we judge applicants, and the most important way for you to decide if this will be the job for you. We will pay you for the trial work you do here.

Sweetlove Farm

Sweetlove Farm is looking for a part time Poultry Processing Specialist for the remainder of the Broiler growing season, from now until Thanksgiving.

The job is two days per week and involves all aspects of taking live birds to packaged food product. It is simple yet challenging work. It involves delving deeply into one of the most profound human activities of turning a live animal into food.

You get to work with kind, passionate, and dedicated people for respectable wages. Experience would be a bonus, but is not necessary as we will provide all training on the job.

If you are, or someone you know might be interested in joining us in this important work, please contact Phil by text or phone call at 785-691-9147, or email for a complete job description and details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Z&M Twisted Vines

Various positions open at our Vineyard location 24305 Loring Rd.

We are looking for flexible, hardworking people to join our twisted team!

If you are interested contact us at:

785-551-1824 or