Crooked Bar N Ranch is located in Wabaunsee County, in the Flint Hills. We offer consciously raised beef and chicken. We run a cow/calf herd of Murray Grey cattle that range on native tall grass prairie. Our beef is grass fed and grass finished. Our chickens also range on pasture and are fed an organic, non-GMO, non-soy ration. We choose to raise slow growing chicken breeds that are active foragers. We practice calm handling with all of our livestock and process at an AWA certified facility. Operating within a native ecosystem, it is paramount that our management practices revolve around the health of the prairie. We are committed to being good stewards of the land while providing high quality meat. We believe in complete transparency with our customers; please contact Sierra or Alex with any inquires or to place an order. Thank you.

Our menu is changing daily as we sell out of certain cuts. We will be fully back in stock in early June! Please email us for up-to-date cut availability.

We are doing driveway deliveries and curb-side pick up. Customers can contact us to arrange either.


Landline: 785.765.2372

Instagram: @crooked_bar_n