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Our Vendors

As the oldest farmers’ market in Kansas, established in 1976, the Lawrence Farmers’ Market prides itself on the quality of our vendors and the products they sell at market. LFM is a producer only market which means all of the products available were grown, raised, made, and crafted by the individual in the booth. This fosters a trust between consumer and producer, allowing the customer to feel comfortable asking how an item was made or grown knowing they will receive a knowledgeable answer. Our vendors are all located within 50 miles of Lawrence, cutting down on the carbon footprint of food production and supporting the local economy.

Lawrence Farmers’ Market vendors’ products span a wide range from meat to baked goods, produce to flowers, hand crafted wood cutting boards to hand woven clothing items. At LFM you can find elk, goat, chicken, pork, beef and lamb meats in addition to chicken and duck eggs. If a vegetable or fruit can be grown in Kansas you will find it at the Market during the appropriate season! Beautiful bouquets are also available in the late spring, summer, and fall. LFM hosts many bakers whose confections range from sunflower bread, sourdough, ciabatta, scones, macarons, and quiches. Handmade cutting boards, kitchen utensils, mugs, plates, bowls, gloves, hats, and scarves can all be found at the booths of our talented craftspeople. If you come to market hungry or thirsty, no worries! LFM has several hot foods vendors ranging from sausage biscuits, tamales, crepes, and creme brulee. We also have several vendors selling locally roasted coffee and specialty coffee drinks.

Below is a table listing vendor businesses, their product category, some of their spring product highlights, and their location within the Market. If you have any questions about products, locations, or whether a vendor is present, head over to the Market Info Booth in the East Lot by the ally.

Business NameVendor CategorySpring Product HighlightsStall Assignment
Baking Traditions LLCbaked goodsscones; breakfast tarts; ciabattafloater
Bimi Bakerybaked goodsmatcha brownies; muffins; mochi46e
Cookie Ladybaked goodscookies, dog treats; jams22e
Linda's Sweet Delightsbaked goodsjellies; sweet breadsTuesday Market Vendor
Little Woods Bake Shopbaked goodsquiches; biscotti; cinammon rolls17w
Miss Roxy's Bakerybaked goodspizza crust; breads; pastries14w
Queen of Tartsbaked goodsbrownies; cookies; pastriesfloater
Roux de Loo Gourmetbaked goodsmacarons; caramel; meringues29w
STICKSbaked goodsfudge; mini doughnuts; tamalesAcross from Market Square
Upward Spiralsbaked goodspizza crust;cookies; pizza rolls8e
Yeast We Can Dobaked goodsplant starters; preserves; scones12w
First Weavers & Juicesbaked goods; craftherbal tea; coconut macaroons; handwoven items6e
Prairie Found Farmbaked goods; craftlavender dolls; cowboy candy; lavender jelly49e
Larry Graner Woodworkingcraftcutting boards; kitchen utensils; kitchen aprons39w
Pleasant Grove Potterycrafthandmade pottery; bowls; cups; plates48e
Cooks Marketflowerbaked goods; plant starters;27w
Day Dream Designflowerblooming branches; farm crafts; spring flowers7w
JT's Flowersflowers; plantswill begin vending in May39e
Anthony's Honeyhoneyflavored honey sticks; lip balm; eggs24e
Blossom Trail Bee Ranchhoneyhoney; eggs; honey comb15e
Snow's Honey and Producehoney; producehoney; bee pollen; rhubarb31w-33w
Archibowlshot foodchili bowls; hot foodfloater
Circle S Tamaleshot foodtamales; breakfast burritos4e
FIne Thyme Foodhot foodsweet and savory crepesfloater
Flory Foodshot foodsausage bicuits; polish sausagesRhode Island Street Entrance
Torched Goodnesshot foodcreme brulee; breakfast handpies; coffee32e
Flory Family Farmmeatpork burgers; bacon; pork chops13w
Honey Del Farmmeatchicken; pork; duck; duck eggs9e
Rocky Hills Elk Ranchmeat; produceelk meat; dog bones; elk snack sticks27e & 26e
Homestead Ranchmeat; soapgoat butter soap and lotion; heritage ground pork with seasoning mixes14e & 13e
Jake Creek PecansnutsPawnee and Kanza pecans2w
Vinland Valley Nurseryplantsnative plants; vegetable starts; herbs2e & 3e
Backroads Kettle Cornprepared foodfreshly made kettlecorn9w & 8w
Bee's Knees Gelatoprepared foodwill begin vending in Mayfloater
Kanbuchaprepared foodvarious flavors of kombuchaAcross from Market Square
Le Petit Gardenprepared foodpesto; preserves; chutneyTuesday Market Vendor
Lebanese Flowerprepared foodhummus; falafel; dips37e
Perk 'Em Up Coffeeprepared foodcoffee; scones; coffee hand scrub23e
Repetition Coffeeprepared foodroasted coffee; specialty coffee drinksfloater
Cooks Concessionsprepared food; baked goods; hot foodpickles; scones; mini pies35e & 36e
Slawson Farm/Imbibeprepared food; plantsflower plants; jams; jellies6w & 5w
Adam and Eve's Original Orchardproducewill begin vending in Junefloater
Atchinson Farmproducespinach; asparagus; onions42e
Avery's Produceproducespinach; kale; arugula45e & 44e
Buller Family Farmproducemixed greens; spinach34e & 33e
DoGood Farmproduceradishes; eggs; greensfloater
Gieringers Orchardproducestrawberries at the end of April10w
Grinter Farmsproducescones; cookies; sunflower seed28w
Homegrown Farmproduceasparagus; beets; black walnut syrupfloater
Irick Farmsproduceonions; green mixes16w 15w
Locally Grown Garnett Kansasproduceradish; carrots; swiss chardfloater
Mellowfields Urban Farmproducetransplants; greens; root vegetables52e
Moon on the Meadowproducespring greens; carrots; flour23w & 24w
Oak Ridge Farmproducewill begin vending in May16w
Taylor Farmproducebeets; onions; greens; handmade cedar planters12e
Trails West Farmproducespring produce19e
True Vine Ranchproduceblueberry plants; jams; bread44w & 43w
Tryons Orchardproducewill begin vending in July1w
Wakarusa Valley Farmproducemushrooms; peas; green mixes18e & 17e
Wildwood Gardensproducepottery; windchimes; flower vases11e
Wohletz Farm Freshproducewill begin vending in May51e & 50e
Jatala Farmproduce; baked goodsjams; dips; spring produce11e & 10e
Rees Fruit Farmproduce; baked goodsasparagus; apple cider donuts; cowboy popcorn34w & 35w
Peters Family Farmproduce; baked goods; prepared foodsourdough breads; spicy greens mix; garlic; hand lotion7e
Washington Creek Lavenderproduce; craftlavender dryer sheets; bouqets; sachets25w
College Fund Produceproduce; flowerkale; radishes; cucumbers40w
Pendletons Country Marketproduce; flowersasparagus; bedding plants19w-21w
Stephens Orchard & Apiaryproduce; honeyhoney; honey soaps; sauerkraut42w & 41w
JET Produce and Meatsproduce; meatvarious meats; eegs; asparagus3w
Red Tractor Farmproduce; meateggs; goat meat; kohlrabi21e
Sweetlove Farmproduce; meat; baked goodseggs; cookies; meat5e
Pinwheel Farmproduce; meat; craftlamb; wool products; spring greens47e
My Neighbor Steveproduce; prepared foodsalsa; pasta sauce; lettuce38e
BlueJacket Crossing Winerywinevarious varieties of wine4w
Kugler's Vineyardwinevarious wines25e